Chocodella accepts inspiration photos from customers, however, our designers and decorators will not copy another artist's work. We reserve the right to determine the level of replication and creative license to ensure each product that leaves our kitchen is unique, structurally sound, and reflects our highest standards. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in regards to color matching, proportions, etc.

In addition, please note that icing colors have a tendency to change with time, humidity, light, and temperature. Darker colors may stain teeth and hands.



-    Customers are responsible for their orders during transport. Always keep the box/cake level. Do not tilt the box. Secure a flat & level surface in your car to place the box during transport (A passenger floorboard is ideal)

-    Customers are responsible for refrigerating their order products, as well as providing an appropriate and secure space and environment for their order items to be displayed/served. Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table, as well as an optimal room temperature of 23°C or below. Cakes and cupcakes must be kept refrigerated until 1-2 hours before the event.

-    If any party other than a Chocodella employee adds a topper or other items to the cake or cupcakes, we are not responsible for the damage to the item or the order. 

-    Customers are responsible for ensuring all non-edible cake decorations such as real or sugar flowers and toppers are removed from the product before it's served. Sugar flowers and certain toppers are made from edible materials but are not intended for consumption as wires are often added to give them strength and flexibility. PLEASE DO NOT EAT THE DECOR



Changes to the size, style, or flavors of the order will be accepted up to 2 WEEKS prior to the pickup date. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed. All change requests may be subject to additional charges and must be paid in full before the two-week deadline.


Cancellations can be made up to TWO WEEKS prior to your event date and are subject to a cancellation fee of $10. Refunds requested after this date will not be issued. In the event that something occurs to affect your scheduled event, please contact us as early as possible to discuss available options.


Due to the perishable nature of our products and our inability to control how our products are transported and stored once they leave our shop, we do not accept returns, provide refunds, or exchanges.

If, for some reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase and feel it doesn't match your expectations, please contact us at WITHIN 2 DAYS of the date you picked up your order. In your email, please provide the following information: Order number, photos of all angles including product and packaging, a detailed description of the issue and information on how your item was transported and stored. We will make every effort to address your concerns and make sure you are happy with your experience. For orders placed through our website, any refund made will be minus the Shopify payment fee originally paid when placing the order.

** Please note that each pastry chef follows their own recipes. We have curated, tailored, and crafted our recipes with love and attention, but it is impossible to satisfy everyone's tastes. We have hundreds of customers who come back because they find our cakes not only beautiful but simply delicious. We taste all the scraps of cake we prepare (yes, all!) to test the quality, and everything that comes out of our kitchen meets our highest standards. We do not provide refunds/exchanges or accept returns of cake if you are not satisfied with the taste or texture.

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